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Konan Specular Electron Microscope

The Konan Specular Electron Microscope

Dr. Jennifer Fishel is the only Private Practice Optometrist in the greater Greenville/Eastern Carolina area to carry this equipment; making her a "go to" pre and post op optometric consultant.

General Corneal Health Assessment

Konan specular microscopy is an invaluable tool to screen for corneal diseases as such as Fuchs' Dystrophy, keratoconus, other corneal dystrophies, and trauma. You won't believe what you've been missing.

Refractive Surgery

There are various reports in the literature of refractive surgery complications with corneas that have pre-existing dystrophies. It is incumbent on refractive surgeons and referring Optometrists to carefully assess the corneal health prior to performing or recommending an elective corneal surgery to enhance the potential for positive surgical outcomes.

Cataract Surgery and Premium IOLs

Low endothelial cell counts and pre-existing dystrophies can markedly reduce the potential for positive surgical outcomes from an otherwise uneventful cataract surgery. Surgeons are finding these data points critical when recommending premium IOLs: verify and document preoperatively that the cornea is not suspect to more likely post-op complications difficult to explain with the investment in premium IOLs.

Contact Lenses

In the never ending battle to minimize the oxygen barrier from contact lens materials and lens hygiene, specular microscopy provides a highly detailed view of the integrity and distress of the cornea from the endothelium. As the 1/canary in the coal mine", the endothelium can be an invaluable indicator of corneal distress.

It is Not a Coincidence...

...That virtually every manufacturer of pharmaceutical agents and implantable devices that are required by the FDA to collect endothelial density as a primary safety endpoint, have had their clinical research teams, completely independently, assess the specular microscopes available on the market and have chosen Konan. Repeatedly.

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