A pair of glasses in front of an eye chart


Nothing is more important than the health of your eyes. We encourage you to come in regularly for your eye appointments. Each age has its own specific eye concerns, and we want to make certain you are receiving the most up-to-date examinations as possible.

We request that you arrive with your current glasses and contact lenses. It would be best if you not wear your contact lenses to your exam, but rather bring them with you in your contact lenses’ carrying case.

We provide full eye examinations for adults and children, including eye dilation, eyeglasses, contact lens exams, contact lens training for new contact lens’ wearers, glaucoma screening, as well as co-management of cataract surgery and lasik with our ophthalmology referral partners.

Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases or infections are always treated with the utmost care and concern. Should you have a special eye problem, please call our office, and one of our doctors will work you in as quickly as possible.

We recognize how much your overall eye health and appearance mean to the quality of your life. And that is why our mission incorporates the highest standard of excellence for your eye care needs.

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