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Many parents wait until a child begins school to get a comprehensive eye examination. However, it is often more pressing to schedule an appointment primarily because early detection can detail troubling vision problems at the outset.

Vision problems could cause issues through your child’s lifetime. If problems are detected early enough, our optometrists can diagnose a plan to assist as soon as possible.

During a consultation, we will provide a very thorough eye examination by the assistance of the latest diagnostic tools, which will help us determine the child’s overall visual health. Should the tests indicate the need for an appointment with an ophthalmologist, we will schedule with our referring ophthalmologists in a very timely manner.

Low Vision

A close up on the E in an eyechart

Dr. Fishel also treats low vision patients, including those with cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease. The latest in diagnostic equipments allows screening tests, which helps to keep your glaucoma levels in check.

Regular annual eye examinations are the only way to detect deteriorations in low vision. Many eye diseases, especially those with diabetes, develop without symptoms, so it is most important to have your eye doctor conduct a thorough examination. Your eyes will be dilated, so that the backs of your eyes can be checked for signs of cataracts or glaucoma.

If, in between, your normal annual examination, you begin to notice things such as blurred vision, rings around lights, flashing lights, etc., you need to schedule an appointment.

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